Be Anxiety Free

Anxiety Counselling Tailored to You

Anxiety? I Get It!

I totally get how anxiety can take over your life and turn everything into a big ol’ worry fest. But the good news is, you don’t have to let it control you forever!

I’ve been in your shoes, and it sucked. So, I know how hard it can be to exist with anxiety.

Each day felt like an uphill battle, with anxiety clouding my thoughts, limiting my potential and robbing me of my personality and authenticity, overshadowing my true self with a constant veil of fear and self-doubt.

After exhausting every management technique for anxiety, and various relaxation methods, I found some relief, yet it wasn’t the solution I yearned for. Despite the incremental improvements, the persistent presence of anxiety lingered like an unwelcome guest. I knew that I didn’t want to merely manage my anxiety – I craved liberation from its grip.


In my relentless pursuit of a ‘cure’, I scoured every corner of the therapeutic landscape, leaving no stone unturned. Through exhaustive research and personal experimentation, I unearthed a treasure trove of transformative modalities that would eventually become the cornerstone of my practice. From delving into the intricate dynamics of Internal Family Systems to reconnecting with the profound healing power of Inner Child Work, I explored avenues, both traditional and groundbreaking. I also stumbled upon cutting-edge research shedding light on the intricate workings of the nervous system, unveiling fresh insights into trauma resolution and emotional well-being. Today, armed with this invaluable arsenal of therapies, I offer my clients not just treatment, but genuine healing and lasting transformation.

My Approach to Working With Anxiety: Understanding, Not Battling

Anxiety can feel overwhelming, but what if we approach it differently?

Instead of viewing it as an enemy to be conquered, what if we saw it as a signal, a part of you trying to communicate something important?

That’s the core of my approach. In our sessions, we’ll cultivate acceptance and compassion for your experience. We’ll work together to understand the root of your anxiety, and find healthy ways to work with it, without getting caught up in a fight with those “freaky feelings.”

Because let’s be honest, battling anxiety rarely works in the long run. Let’s explore it together and find a path to lasting peace.

Explore a Different Path to Anxiety Relief

When Your Body
Speaks Anxiety


Let’s talk about a missing piece in traditional anxiety therapies – our body’s role in storing trauma (and all feelings).

You see, many therapies or counselling approaches focus on the mind alone, disregarding the fact that our bodies are like a living journal of our experiences. Just think about how a certain smell can transport you back to a specific memory – that’s the body’s memory at work. Traditional approaches often overlook how our muscles hold tension from past traumas, or how our heartbeat quickens in response to triggers.

By leaving out the body, we’re missing a whole dimension of healing. Trauma and feelings of not being safe aren’t just mental constructs; it’s etched into our physical selves too. Integrating body-focused techniques like mindfulness, or even simple breathwork can help us tap into these stored sensations and gradually release their grip on our well-being.

It’s time to acknowledge that our bodies hold a profound wisdom, and by inviting them into the healing process, we can truly address anxiety at its core.

Find the Calm Within