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From Pain to Purpose

Discover your authentic path and heal along the way

Tired of feeling like you’re constantly scratching at the surface of your problems?

Those persistent anxieties or negative behaviours might be symptoms of deeper emotional wounds.

Imagine an iceberg. The tip you see above water is your anxiety, anger, or low self-esteem. But the vast majority lies beneath – emotional wounds from past experiences or negative beliefs.

Therapy goes deeper. We explore these hidden wounds to understand their root cause and begin the healing process. As these wounds heal, the symptoms that once dominated your life often naturally fade away.

Think of it like a wilting plant. You wouldn’t just straighten the leaves; you’d address the root system. Therapy works the same way. We focus on healing the emotional roots, allowing you to blossom and flourish from within.

Jules. Counsellor at Jules Counselling & Supervision. Anxiety, depression, Trauma and healing emotional wounds

Creating a safe space to feel, heal, and become the best version of you.

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My Services


I offer all my services in person and online, providing flexibility and accessibility for all clients.

My therapeutic services are not mutually exclusive but complementary, weaving together various approaches to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Talking Therapy

Talk through & explore whatever’s troubling you. No matter what it is, talking it through helps you process your thoughts & feelings and achieve deeper insight

Anxiety Counselling

I take a holistic approach to anxiety, recognizing the profound connection between the mind and body. Incorporating body & mind to promote emotional well-being.

Inner Child Therapy

Inner child work is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. Learn to embrace your inner child & heal the wounds that have been holding you back.


Supervision provides a vital space for reflection, guidance, and professional development. Plus improved clinical skills, enhanced self-awareness & ethical guidance,

Parts Work (IFS)

Parts work is an effective way to heal from trauma and emotional wounds. It can help you better understand yourself and develop a more integrated sense of self.

Why I’m Different

My unique blend of enthusiasm, authenticity, and a deep commitment to fostering genuine connections.

My passion for helping others drives me to approach each session with energy and positivity, creating an uplifting and encouraging environment.

I believe in the power of authenticity, ensuring that every interaction is sincere and heartfelt.

My enthusiasm for continuous learning and personal growth also sets me apart, as I constantly seek new ways to support and empower my clients, tailoring my methods to fit their individual needs.

This combination of enthusiasm, authenticity, and dedication to personal connection ensures that my clients receive compassionate, personalized, and effective support.

In the words of clients…


“I have really enjoyed working with Julie. I felt like she really understood what I was saying and always made me feel comfortable expressing myself…”

– BL

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