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Julie was warm, open and compassionate in our sessions. I felt relaxed with Julie and found it useful to explore what was going on for me and gain a different perspective.


Donna P

When I first went to visit Jules, at the start of 2023, I wasn’t in a great place, a short relationship I was in had recently ended , and whilst I was upset about the break-up, it was more the negative thoughts and feelings it made me experience about my self and previous trauma resurfacing that made me want to seek help. I was recommended Jules by a friend and from the first visit, I felt completely at ease and when Jules explained the inner child concept to me, it made complete sense to me, and I really felt this was the right counsellor for me. I had received counselling before, and whilst they helped to a degree, I really found the work with Jules to be the missing pieces in my healing journey. My way of thinking and how I feel about myself has completely changed. I am so much happier now, so much more positive and I have been open to opportunities that I would have never been brave enough to even attempt before, and these events have been life changing. I can not recommend Jules Counselling enough and personally feel like the inner child work would be so beneficial to so many.


My Services

Talking Therapy

Talk through & explore whatever’s troubling you. No matter what it is, talking it through helps you process your thoughts & feelings and achieve deeper insight

Inner Child Therapy

Inner child work is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. Learn to embrace your inner child & heal the wounds that have been holding you back.

Parts Work

Parts work can be a very effective way to heal from trauma and emotional wounds. It can help you to understand yourself better and to develop a more integrated sense of self.

Anxiety Counselling

I take a holistic approach to anxiety, recognizing the profound connection between the mind and body. Incorporating body & mind to promote emotional well-being.